K-vest Technology

Core Golf Performance staff of Doctors of Physical Therapy and Master of Kinesiology practitioners sets us apart from other institutions by being able to apply expert knowledge of human anataomy, physiology and orthopedic rehabilitation. Their graduate degrees and training coupled with their extensive knowledge of exercise physiology and application of golf mechanics allows them to give their clients the most relevant and up to date application of golf and orthopedic research. This cutting edge information will enable them to equip their clients with the most sophisticated and practical technology and clinical information to get their bodies to be “golf fit.” It is a fusion of movement science, manual therapy, and exercise physiology that will empower each client to reach their athletic prowess and optimal neuromuscular control to achieve a more consistent and powerful golf swing!

A human motion learning system for golf. It is the “MRI” of the golf swing. It measures a player’s power signatures and 6D data. It assesses golfer’s characteristics and generates insightful reports to objectively measure the golf swing against PGA pro norms. It utilizes an extensive library of pre built training programs and drills to put real time auditory and visual feedback to help golfers feel proper golf swing movement patterns. Kvest 6D is ideal for the data driven professional who’s looking for more information related to the golf swing. This wearable technology provides detailed analysis of the golf swing that helps you better understand power production, injury risk and consistency issues. This in turn makes it easier to work on advanced movements and anticipate potential injury risks. K-vest 6D contains all the powerful tools to help you measure, assess, coach, and train athletes.