The CORE FOUR Concept

The TPI and K-vest assessments will give us an in-depth look into each golfer’s strengths, weaknesses, and limitations.  Utilizing this unique feedback, our team of medical and fitness experts will design a customized health and fitness routine geared towards improving every facet of your golf game.  The golf swing involves highly coordinated activation of several muscles in a very short period of time.  Research has proven that highly skilled golfers have superior physiological profiles compared to average players.  To achieve success on the course and decrease your chances of injury, we will target the “CORE FOUR”.


Mobility- The primary foundational key in golf is mobility. The ability to move freely and easily is crucial to avoiding the development of swing faults. To improve performance one must also improve mobility in the ankles, hips, torso, neck, shoulders and wrists. TPI states that 4 out of 6 top physical traits of elite golfers are related to mobility. When proper mobility is established, the next step is to build strength through that entire range of motion.

Stability- At the foundation of every good golf swing is stability.  A balanced golf swings is smooth, with all body parts working in harmony. Without balance, you lose tempo, rhythm, and your swing falls apart. Stability leads to a consistent swings and is essential for club control which assists in square club head delivery and accuracy. Power and accuracy both come from the ground up.  Lower-body stability creates a support mechanism that allows for proper swing mechanics in the upper-body.  Once the athlete has proper stabilization they will be ready to focus on maximizing functional strength.

Strength- Strength is the linchpin of an efficient golf swing. It is absolutely essential to swing the club correctly. As a golfer, you need to work your body through multiple planes of movement while concentrating on creating proper sequencing of muscle activation. That is why it is important to train in functional strength rather than purely raw strength.  For strength to be truly applicable to the golf swing, it must exist through the entire range of motion.  The culmination of mobility, stability,  and strength is power.

Power- Power is the ability to create force rapidly. The quickest way to decrease your scores is to increase your power.  Research has shown that amature golfers do not generate their highest potential power due to a lack stability, mobility, and strength.  This is the reason that power tops our Core 4 pyramid.  At Core Golf Performance we will turn you into the best possible golfer by improving your performance of the Core 4 and using the latest technology to create an optimal swing sequence.

(Strength, mobility, stability, power)

Making improvements in the “CORE FOUR” directly relates to higher club-head speed, accuracy and consistency which will ultimately result in lower scores.