Improve Your Body

Our staff of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Kinesiologists practitioners set us apart from other institutions by applying expert knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and orthopedic rehabilitation. Our graduate degrees coupled with extensive knowledge of exercise physiology and golf biomechanics allow our clients to benefit from the most relevant and up to date golf and orthopedic research. This cutting edge information enables us to equip our clients with the most sophisticated and practical technology and clinical information to get their body to be "golf fit".  


It is a fusion of movement science, manual therapy, and exercise physiology that empowers each of our client to reach their athletic prowess and optimal neuromuscular control to ultimately develop a consistent and powerful golf swing!

We utilize the most specific and effective movement screens that identify the musculoskeletal dysfunctions limiting our clients' performance on the links.  


Is your golf swing inefficient? Are you seeing the ball flight and reproducibility that you expect?


Our staff completes thorough performance assessment using the Titleist Performance Institute screen for golf ready participation, Functional Movement Screen to address symmetry and baseline general functional competency to assess a starting point for corrective exercise and performance enhancement.


If you’re in pain or have pre-existing medical conditions, we also utilize the Selective Functional Movement Assessment to assess and treat painful movement patterns, and then generate a plan of care that will get you out of pain and return to golf participation.