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Most recreational golfer’s have some type of physical limitation that causes them to have mechanical breakdowns in their golf swing. Whether it is a lack of flexibility, insufficient strength, or physical pain, these impairments can limit the player’s ability to swing with optimal efficiency. Lately, the paradigm has shifted towards improving the physicality of the golfer. Tiger Woods raised the popularity of implementing golf performance based exercise programs designed to improve swing speed, power, balance, and accuracy. Now almost every professional golfer on tour has their own team of professionals including golf performance trainers and physical therapists to give them an edge on improving their performance on the golf course.


The staff at Core Golf Performance has the experience and knowledge to help you improve your golf game! Here is how it works:


Swing Assessment:

We incorporate the use of fast speed cameras that can view your golf swing at a 1000 frames per second utilizing our V1 golf software to analyze and breakdown the mechanical deficiencies in your golf swing.


Titleist Perfomance Institute (TPI) Screen:

We utilize a 16-point physical assessment to expose any limitations of strength, flexibility, range of motion, and balance that may cause you to have mechanical breakdowns in your swing.


Cutting edge K-Vest technology:

A human motion learning system. It is the “MRI” of the golf swing. It measures players power signatures and 3D data. It assesses golfer’s characteristics and generates insightful reports to objectively measure the golf swing against PGA pro norms. It utilizes an extensive library of pre built training programs and drills to put real time auditory and visual feedback to help golfers feel proper golf swing movement patterns.


Manual Therapy:

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will provide hands-on treatment utilizing joint mobilization techniques, massage (myofascial release), manual stretching and neuromuscular training techniques to eliminate your pain and improve your mobility!


Aren’t you tired of being in pain and feeling like your body just isn’t working properly when you golf? By implementing a strength, conditioning, and neuromuscular workout to your program, this will help you develop a “muscle memory” to your golf swing so that you can be more consistent with your game. Enhance your golf game by allowing us to help you hit more fairways and greens in regulations!


Corrective Golf Specific Exercises:


We customize a corrective exercise program to address and resolve any physical limitations. Your program is always supervised by our exercise technicians. 


Meet Our Golf Specialists

Dr. John Kwon, DPT, OCS
Physical Therapist Orthopedic Certified Specialist

TPI Certified Golf Medical Professional

Dr. Adam Javate, DPT
Physical Therapist

Irvine Clinical Director

TPI Certified Golf Medical Professional

Dr. Kimberly Takaoka, DPT, ATC
Physical Therapist

Certified Athletic Trainer

TPI Certified Golf Medical Professional